A Bike Ride Around Lake Natomas & After Party

20 Years Of Longhorns Represent On Bikes Around Lake Natoma

…and a few more show up at the Hacienda Del Rio “Cool Down”
When: October, 13, 2012
La Sierra Longhorns Carmichael CA out for a loop ride around Lake Natoma in Folsom, CA

Thanks to Jeff Green and John Torres for running point on the mini reunion bike ride around Lake Natoma and after party at the Hacienda Del Rio in old town Folsom. Everyone survived the ride and after-ride mixer on the patio of the Hacienda on Sutter Street. Thirteen Longhorns representing from 1963 to 1983 traveling from as far as St. Louis to the east, Modesto to the south and the Bay Area to the west showed up at the Folsom Light Rail station at 10AM for the easy 12 mile loop around Lake Natoma. Despite the range of equipment and experience all finished the ride within a few minutes with no serious injuries.

When the bike riders arrived at the Hacienda Del Rio, another 15 or so alumni joined the party at one time or another. Later that evening, a few that still had some game in them returned to Folsom to party with Tom Vinci’s “Superlicious” at the Powerhouse Pub. Rocktoberfest was the theme and the evening was straight out of one of those house parties from the seventies.

Planning is on for the next bike ride which will probably be held about the same time in 2013. For more information, be sure to check here or at the Facebook page for La Sierra!
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