Beta, Bugs & Design

Good morning!
It is the morning after and the site is in play in what amounts to a functional “Beta” form. Do not fret if you see me logged in and stuff appears to be changing. Like the TV show, I am in control of at least design and structure elements, doing some housecleaning and running the site through various tests.

Hopefully this will be the most functional LaSierraOnline.Com website yet. I said that last time and then the site was run over by spammers and I lost track of it because I was busy. Well I am still busy, but with the new interface, it is easier to keep track of the community compared to the old version. I don’t recall when I acquired this domain and launched the first forum here, but this is the first WordPress version and probably not the last.

I say that this isn’t the last because what you are in is a single user WordPress web site. It was a technical decision to launch this version versus what they call “WPMU” or multi-user site that allows individual blogs. I may try that elsewhere to see if that is something I can focus on or even if it is necessary. The BuddyPress integration here allows for what I hope is enough interaction for people to share information, reconnect and them move that connection to the real world.

My contact info is in the widget to the side. I will be adding my Skype contact information in a few minutes. If you do not have Skype, just get it and a web cam. I use the basic FREE version and find it a productivity tool as well as easy way to communicate.  If you go to “,  you can find my Amazon store with a few recommended web cams. All three of the web cams there are excellent choices and should be priced on the low end of the spectrum for what they offer. Plus Amazon is a safe shopping portal. I do that as a service because although I am an affiliate with Amazon, I have yet to see one part of a nickel in return from that company. On the other hand, it is the safest way to recommend tech stuff that is smart and affordable. (Note: although all selections are HD, ultimately your computer will decided if you can use the HD.)

So I digress off the beaten path, but having launched the site at 5AM this morning, (11.13.10), I know there is still stuff to be done, most of it focused on the design and what appears to be a bug that will not let me log out. That isn’t a critical issue as you can close the browser if you suffer the same “bug”. My main concern is layout right now so that I can get more information on the page without scrolling!
JLW ’77