Big changes coming to the site!

Due to a framework update, I am changing frameworks which means a complete re-design. The new tool will help me stay ahead of changes in WordPress. This is WordPress and does not use a theme as much as a framework. Although some might say I am calling a car an automobile since ultimate a “child” theme will be the canvas, there is a distinction between a “framework” and a theme. In this case, think “parent- child”.
This site is moving to “Genesis” because Catalyst has been discontinued. The child theme will still be a version of Dynamik, but the version is the new “Dynamik Web Builder”.

So why is this important to any Longhorns that ramble on this way? Well I will be adding a slick gallery that will allow for two things, smarter image displays and a business card gallery.

The latter is dependent on interest, but if you are a La Sierra Longhorn and have a business or business card you want to share, I need your business card. I can implement a way you can drop it to me via mail or file upload. That will be enabled on the contact form immediately!

John Wood ’77
Always A Longhorn