BuddyPress and some early results.

First, thanks for coming and being patient. It appears I have some fine tuning to do as I am noting slow upload times of the site if you log in via BuddyPress. I am doing some testing and removing certain WordPress plugins to see if that will accelerate access to the site. Of course the slowdown might just be my computer. If you are finding it taking about a minute or so for BuddyPress to log in, please add a comment to this post.

I want to keep the BuddyPress module because it allows members to create public, private and semi-private forums. In other words, if you want to have a discussion and limit it to just your classmates or even rebuild your clique just like at school, you can.

1. Start a Group
2. Set the style
3. Create a Forum Post.

It is pretty much that easy.

Note, that once BuddyPress has logged in, I am finding the speeds okay. It does not seem to mess with the rest of the website.

As this is a new site, there is bound to be some necessary tweaking, so please be patient, sign up and hopefully since this site does dominate searches for La Sierra, it will be a great place to share your events, reunions and related news.

John “Wudman’ Wood ’77