La Sierra Longhorn Bumper sticker Download

Download La Sierra’s Longhorn Bumper Sticker

Attached to the link below is a 1600 wide x 897 hight pixel bumper sticker in the “gif” format. It is derived from a high res scan of my last bumper sticker which is now nowhere to be found. The file is about 180mb hence the “gif” format. It is large enough for all but high-res applications.
This is a lower res PNG 600 x 336 of the La Sierra High School Longhorn Bumper sticker. If that is all you need, you can click to save this directly from this page. If your computer is fussy, this image is linked to a separate page to allow for cleaner, but far less desirable screen shots to be taken of the bumper sticker.

You may need to “Click To Save” on your computer

John L. Wood ’77
Student Gov & 31st Batallion California Cadet Corp
School Politics and Guns, but nobody got hurt!