Quick 916 Party Note…11.28.10 Sacramento

Tommy Vinci ’77 will be rocking with his band Superlicious at Shenanigans 7th and J st. downtown Sacramento. (705 J. Street).

Tommy has been a rocker since his La Sierra days and right now I am mad I don’t have one of those pictures he sent me when big hair glam rock was the rage. Well I was going to be mad, but I stole one from Tom’s facebook.

Here goes Tom on the right side, rocking the infamous Shire Road Inn back in the day (1988). If you don’t know where that place was or didn’t go there, you are telling a story or were lost in some kind of space warp!

Long Live the Shire Road Inn!

Tommy (Tom) Vinci (on left) Rocking the Shire Road Inn 1988

Tommy (Tom) Vinci Rocking the Shire Road Inn 1988