Reunion, Class Party and Site Updates 3.28.2012

Class of 1963 Reunion in planning & Powerhouse Pub Part 2 Site is also updated to mobile “Responsive” framework Class of ’63 Planning a 50th Reunion The La Sierra High School Class of 1963 will be having a reunion planning meeting on August 11.2012. The reunion is planned for September 7, 2012. The meeting will […]

La Sierra Online = #1 Bandwidth consumer.

LaSierraOnline.Com reaches a quick milestone when compared to all other sites I manage hosting for. In a matter of weeks, the bandwidth usage has eclipsed my next most visited site by a factor of four. Given that at this point there are not that many members or reunion content, it suggests that the photo tour […]

BuddyPress and some early results.

First, thanks for coming and being patient. It appears I have some fine tuning to do as I am noting slow upload times of the site if you log in via BuddyPress. I am doing some testing and removing certain WordPress plugins to see if that will accelerate access to the site. Of course the […]

Beta, Bugs & Design

Good morning! It is the morning after and the site is in play in what amounts to a functional “Beta” form. Do not fret if you see me logged in and stuff appears to be changing. Like the TV show, I am in control of at least design and structure elements, doing some housecleaning and […]

BuddyPress is up but…

At this point I’d suggest not bothering to register since the BuddyPress forum is not working. It is there, just not working. The good news is that I think it is spam proof. Now if it was only defect-proof! Edit: Changelog – Changed the theme and we seem to be functional!

Revised, Restored, & Ready?

The last site got punked, sort of how I remember Mira Loma punking us in football. Well this site is fresh, newly loaded after I just flushed the old server account. It was not worth saving any the emails because of the several hundred classmates, there were 16,800 spammer addresses. Unfortunately until I configure away […]