The La Sierra All-Class Reunion Was A Great Time!

400+ La Sierra Longhorns Reunite At Haggin Oaks

Kudos to the planning committee of the La Sierra All-Class Reunion! It was a fun, rowdy, friendly and memorable evening at Haggin Oaks Pavilion.  It was by far the most fun I have had at any Longhorn related event. It appeared every class from ’59 forward was represented! Of course I can only speak of Longhorn related events I attended, but Facebook chatter suggest that many agree the event was a tremendous success. Actually this was one of the best parties I have ever been to or experienced. (and I have emceed/dj’d over 250 weddings as well as about 50 high school reunions.)

The weather was pretty friendly compared to how July started! Although a bit warm at first, it cooled off just in time for dancing and mingling. Dinner was buffet style dinner and that went off pretty smoothly given that the pavilion tent was seated to capacity.

There was a stirring slide show of those Longhorns who are no longer with us that began with a shot of the plaque at the Vietnam Memorial in the Koob’s Nature Area. The rest of the evening was spent under a big oak tree, mingling, dancing, taking pictures and in general having a good time.

On Sunday a small gathering was held at Ancil Hoffman park.

It will have to be seen how we Longhorns expand on the energy this event created. The La Sierra All-Class reunion embraced old affiliations, but showed that we past being identified by clique, “wing”, social or art clubs anymore. Hopefully this kind of event can be repeated, but I expect it to be even better the next time around. In fact, I’d suggest it might be worth considering having only “All-Class” reunions in the future. Maybe they can be hosted or planned by classes on their anniversaries. That is probably a whole post in itself.