About La Sierra Online

Welcome to LaSierraOnline.Com

Sporting a La Sierra “JV” letter found in old box from way back when.

This is the 6th generation of LaSierraOnline since 2003 or somewhere thereabouts. I created this in response to there being no free place for alumni to network. This site was created exclusively to assist former La Sierra Longhorns network for business, friendship and fun!

This site will always be free! I will probably stuff an ad or two somewhere to support the hard costs. l never, ever share any log-in information. That reminds me, since most are in California, I will have a lengthy, legal document because the State of California as a stick up it’s virtual buttocks when it comes to the Internet. The Internet is turning into the next floor with a banana peel waiting for an attorney environment.

Thanks for stopping in. Now I am off to play with the design elements. I need more sidebars and less content space, so there will be some “changes” to surface design issues over the next week.


John L. “Wudman” Wood
La Sierra ’77
Collinsvile, IL – Sacramento, CA