The School | La Sierra Carmichael, CA

Unknown facts about La Sierra High School!

Carmichael’s finest high school had some special features!

La Sierra had some unique features not found at other San Juan Unified School District high schools. La Sierra High School Longhorn Carmichael CaliforniaPicnic lunches were served at Ancil Hoffman every third Friday. Free golf was always a credit alternative to Mr. Koobs biology class. Actually that golf credit was seldom used because no one opted out of Mr. Koob’s  biology. He had the best collection of preserved animals! The Sacramento County Deputies that patrolled the park were authorized to write excuses if you decided to cut 5th and 6th period!

La Sierra High School - Carmichael, CA Campus From SatelliteThe cafeteria at La Sierra High School in Carmichael, CA served only the best food! Forget those stories of chili beans and some kind of meat on bread served out a side window, La Sierra’s cafeteria served hot wings, baby back ribs and Sloughouse corn on the cob (when in season)! Seniors were known to have the principals make lunch runs to Grumpy’s for those famous greasy burgers.

Finally, there is a drawing in one of the yearbooks that shows the fountains labeled “beer” and other fashionable adult beverages. Well since we were all too young to legally drink, the fountains never poured beer, but there was a Pepsi and Coke day!

Yes, La Sierra High School was a very special place! The list of notable Citizens that came through La Sierra and then later accomplished great things backs this up.